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Himalyan journey

Himalayas are the crown of Indian Subcontinent.


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Prague lures millions of tourists each year with...


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Located in the Northern state of Himachal Pradesh, ‘Spiti Valley’...


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Turkey, a land on the crossroads of the two great continents...

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Choose from a wide variety of destinations under our scope. We assure to give you the best holiday experience at your budget and duration.


Nestled in the Himalayas of Himachal Pradesh, situated just 12 hours from Delhi, Manali is a tourist resort town better known...

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The home of the Majestic Everest and the ever growing Western Himalayas, Nepal is an ancient society that has been living up....

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Eastern Europe

Prague lures millions of tourists each year with its World Heritage-listed medieval city center--a labyrinth of narrow...

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Greece is a Eastern European nation situated in an area of the globe which is known as the Balkans just towards...

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Home to picture perfect gompas, monasteries and snow capped mountains, Ladakh is a photographer’s...

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Located in the Northern state of Himachal Pradesh, ‘Spiti Valley’ or ‘Lahaul-Spiti’ as it is alternatively known...

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Rajasthan is well known as the land of Rajputs, the infamous Indian Royal houses that have ruled the area since...

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The signature European destination which is a dream for every Indian, Switzerland is simply a treat to eyes, lungs...

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New Zealand

Head for the snowy mountains, make a beeline for golden coastlines, or soak up cafe culture in a friendly town.

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The Himalaya Journey

Himalayas are the crown of Indian Subcontinent. Known for their massive snow capped peaked, serene ecology...

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Personalised Packages

We make customized packages specially designed for individual needs. We don’t believe in the concept of one size fits all, we make sure that the holiday...

Visa Assistance

Visa Process is full of hassles. One mistake can ruin your holiday plans. Just leave the hassle to the experts and busy yourselves up with the packing and planning of your travels.


Domestic or international, we take care of you from booking to boarding and even last minute changes or cancellation refunds.

Local Travel Experience

We work with our travel partners on the ground to give you an authentic local experience that is not just enjoyable and fun but also full of meaning.


We assure to book the finest hotels per your budget at locations that aid your travel plans

Get Aboard Luxurious Cruises

Having an extensive experience of booking some of the finest cruises in which names such as Royal Carribean, Disney and Carnival...

Venture to find your next Adventure

Adventure Travel is an amazing way to see the world in its true and raw sense. Whether it is a trek that you want to conquer, jump off a cliff doing Bungee Jumping, or skydive to conquer your fears, adventure travel makes you learn a lot about yourself and teaches you to push your own limits. Your next adventure is waiting for you in some corner of the globe, all you need to do is look for it.

Enjoy The Essence of Planet Earth

A place close to nature is perhaps the best remedy for your hectic life, and what better than travelling to a nature reserve where you can relax yourself? Just forget about your hectic lifestyle back home and enjoy. Explore the places across our beautiful planet and appreciate them for their beauty and serenity. Just take a break from routine and give yourself some well deserved break in the laps of planet earth.

the Shopper & the Foodie in you

They say there’s no drug like shopping, and if you are a shopaholic then places like Singapore, Paris, New York, Melbourne, Dubai must be your Mecca, Jerusalem, Alexandria and Kailash. Feel the joy of shopping the best brands across the world at destinations known and unknown. Keep that shopper inside you alive because Shopping is not just a hobby but a way of life.

Experience the luxury

If a holiday means staying in luxurious hotels and resorts surrounded by exquisite properties with posh furniture, mind blowing interiors and locations full of services akin the life of a modern royal, then don’t discount yourself from experiencing it the way you want to. Live like royals in the most prestigious properties across the world and feel like modern Kings and Queens. Remember, there’s nothing better than a well-earned luxurious holiday.

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